Working Group 4 – Dissemination and future research


Responsibilities of WG4 is to organize and manage the Action website, the workshops, the Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM), Training Schools and Symposium (each Early Stage Researcher will present his/her work published as papers in a booklet) and co-ordinate the international conferences, publication of journal papers and guidelines, and finally coordinate the application for future research projects.

Headline tasks

  • Organisation and coordination of Action events (MC/WG meetings, stakeholder/industry meetings; Mid-term and final conferences)
  • Educational Pack and Training School
  • Coordination of Short Term Scientific Missions
  • Database of research project and experimental facilities in the domain of the Action.
  • Creation and management of Action website
  • Dissemination through journal, conference, trade publications and website


  • Creation and maintenance of the Action specific website
  • Organisation of all meetings and related minutes reports
  • Educational pack content definitions and development
  • Organisation of 3 Training Schools (1 per year except the first year) and related material published
  • Completion of  STSMs
  • Organisation of Cost Action Mid-term Conference (beginning of 3rd year)
  • Organisation of Cost Action Conference (end of the 4th year) and production of proceedings
  • Coordination of peer reviewed scientific journal papers and conference publications