Scientific Focus

This Action will focus on the coordination of current research undertaken through national
programmes in three scientific areas:

  • Area 1

    Development of new technologies and concepts for adaptive facades.

  • Area 2

    Multi-disciplinary characterization methods of novel adaptive façade technologies and concepts at a component level

  • Area 3

    Whole-life evaluation methods of novel adaptive façade at the building level and building/user integration.

Three Working Groups will be set up to coordinate research within each theme and a fourth one is dedicated to dissemination activities.

The COST Action will create new partnerships and collaborations for the exchange of scientific knowledge and data. In doing so, it will improve the outcomes of the national research activities and it will lead to the technological advancement of adaptive facades. In particular, it will accelerate the development of components and evaluation techniques, and their adoption and application in buildings.

Dissemination of the research between the partners within the Action will be achieved by means of MC/WG meetings, STSMs and Training Schools. Dissemination to end users and the wider public will be accomplished via workshops, mid-term and final International Conferences.

There is a critical mass of European knowledge, expertise, resources, skills and R&D in the area of high performance and adaptive facades. If harnessed, it has the potential to generate innovative ideas and concepts at a fundamental scientific level as well as to produce novel adaptive façade products and systems. This COST Action will facilitate

  • sharing of experimental data
  • development of modelling and simulation techniques
  • sharing of common evaluation methods

thereby leading to real and significant advances in adaptive facades and there use in energy efficient buildings.

The Action will provide the sharing of nationally and trans-nationally-based research projects in the area of adaptive facades. The shared knowledge-base in adaptive facades technologies and evaluation methods will lead to:

  • novel adaptive components and technologies
  • capital cost and operational cost efficiencies in buildings
  • and reductions in building energy consumption.

The activities will broaden the scope of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, whilst facilitating the introduction of new technologies into building sector.