Working Group 2 – Component performance and characterization methods


The main aim of WG2 is to provide a unified approach for characterizing and evaluating the performance of an adaptive and multi-functional façade, at the component level. This will include the various physical characteristics that affect the wide range of transient performance requirements of a façade.

The objectives of WG2 are:

  • to identify for each aspect of façade performance (energy efficiency, structural, safety, fire, weather protection, durability, aesthetics) where the adaptive technologies would be most beneficial;
  • to establish and standardise numerical and experimental ways of characterizing their performance (with an emphasis on performance related to energy efficiency);
  • to evaluate the suitability of conventional performance parameters to fully address the behaviour of adaptive  facades;
  • to develop new metrics that are able to capture the transient and multi-parameter performance of adaptive façades and thereby enable quantitative comparisons between different facades, where the adoption of conventional metrics is not satisfactory;
  • to develop new numerical tools for evaluating the most promising adaptive technologies.

Headline tasks

  • Map out performance metrics and requirements for adaptive facades
  • Evaluate current simulation tools for adaptive facades performance assessment.
  • Analysis of current experimental procedures for the evaluation of adaptive facades.
  • Develop standardised experimental procedures and metrics for evaluating the performance of novel and existing adaptive façade concepts.
  • Develop new simulation tools for the evaluation of the performance of novel and existing adaptive façade concepts.
  • Identify sources of European and national funding and apply for funding for new research projects in the field of adaptive facades


  • Report on current adaptive facades modelling techniques.
  • Annual STSMs for Early Stage Researchers on theoretical modelling, numerical simulation and on experimental procedures of multi-functional and adaptive facade components and systems
  • Report on the validation of developed simulation tools and models
  • Report on the developed experimental procedures.
  • Contribution to Annual Training School for dissemination of expertise to Early Stage Researchers.
  • Contribution to relevant parts of the educational pack
  • Contribution to Industry Workshop
  • Report on funding available for new European research projects